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Preparing For Your Truck Driving Career

Some of our students already have a job waiting for them upon graduation.  We are able to focus your training on those areas that will be most beneficial to you and your employer.  At our pre training interview we will explore a variety of truck driving opportunities that exist. In this way  you will have a better understanding of the choices you might make.  We cannot make guarantees of job placement but  we do have frequent requests from the trucking industry regarding the availability of our graduates.

"We now offer training on Automatic Transmission Trucks as well as our Volvo Manual Transmission Trucks"

  Feel free to call us with any questions about our courses.  There is no obligation - ever!


Over The Road Truck

Basic Class 1 Course

This course is designed for those students who plan to begin their driving careers in town. The content of our basic course addresses maneuvering procedures in traffic. Backing up, loading docks, and safety considerations are taught. It is an excellent foundation for more advanced training later on.  The Basic Class 1 program includes:

  • 16 Hours of Air Brake Theory
  • 10 Hours of City Driving
  • 10 Hours of City Observation
  •   4 Hours Use of Our Truck for your Road Test
  • All of our Class 1 Courses include our 80 page manual. Subjects include Winter Driving, Night Driving, Mountain Driving, Hazards & Emergencies etc.
  • 10 Hours of Truck Theory (Upshifting, Downshifting, Highway Merging, Backing up, Parking, & Cornering, ICBC Road Test Criteria)
  • 5 Hours of Pre Trip Inspection (this includes the complete air brake system pre trip)
  • Manual or Automatic

Manual Basic Class 1 Course Fee: $ 2,795  (Payment Plan Available)

Automatic Basic Class 1 Course Fee: $2495

*** All Road Tests done from our Langley yard ***

Advanced Class 1 Course

The Advanced Class 1 Course is designed for the student who plans to become a Long Haul driver upon graduation, or at some point in the near future. It contains a greater amount of driving, observation, and classroom instruction. The extra driving hours provide the opportunity for the student to gain confidence and improve their truck driving skills in a controlled environment. The extra classroom hours allow the instructor to introduce more situations that Class 1 drivers may encounter in their daily activities, such as night driving, extreme weather conditions, road hazards, emergencies, trip planning etc.

During the 12 hour mountain training portion of the Advanced Class 1 Course, many of the above points are covered in a practical sense. A review of our 100-page manual is conducted during the classroom part of the Advanced Class1 course. Our manual contains sections on winter driving, night driving, fog, road hazards and emergencies, on-the-road repairs, and trip planning. The Advanced Class 1 program includes:

•  16 Hours of Airbrake Theory
•  15 Hours of City Driving
•  15 Hours of City Observation
•  5 Hours of Pre-Trip Procedures (this includes the complete air brake system pre trip)

•  10 Hours of Classroom Instruction
•  12-Hour Mountain Trip (Coquihalla & Fraser Canyon)
•    2 Hours of Road Test Practice
•    4 Hours Use of Our Truck for your Road Test

    Manual or Automatic

***All Road Tests done from our Langley yard***

 Advanced Class 1 Course Fee: $4,495  (Payment Plan Available)

Career Class 1 Course

This course is designed for those who want to get the greatest amount of Class 1 experience in the shortest period of time.  It

contains an extra 20 hours of On the Road experience, 8 hours of Loading Dock practice plus 10 extra hours of Classroom.

As in our Advanced Course we present greater challenges to our Career Course students.  The best way to be exposed to challenging situations is during controlled Instructor/Student planned lessons.  After completion of the Career Class 1 Course students should be able to recognize their level of experience and it's limitations.  We gain experience and confidence while being aware when a situation requires us to stop and plan our next move carefully.  Many of the highway and city incidents we see are caused by drivers who are either driving past their level of ability or by not being aware of the potential hazards and associated risks ahead. You can use some of your driving hours to address certain areas where you feel you need extra practice.  We pride ourselves on our flexibilty to provide specific training for students, such as loading dock, backing, extreme weather, mountains, night driving etc.  We would be happy to customize a course for you.

As always we offer a "No Obligation" in person or phone consultation of your truck driving future.

Career Class 1 Course includes:

35 Hours City Driving                                                   10 Hours Classroom ( Up & Down Shifting Theory, Turns & Cornering

15 Hours City Observation                                                                                Backing, Loading Docks, Parking, Defensive Driving

16 Hours Air Brake Theory                                                                                Weight & Balance, Winter Driving, Night Driving, 

12 Hours Mountain Driving Course                                                                  On road repairs, Hours of Service etc.)

  6 Hours Pre-trip Instruction                                                                             100 hours total course

  2 Hours Road Test Practice                                                                              Manual or Automatic

  4 Hours Truck & Instructor for Road Test

Course fee:  $6995

Class 3 Course

OTR DRIVING SCHOOL offers a Class 3 driver training course. This program is designed for drivers who wish to start with a Class 3 license and includes all manuals and handouts. We use  Volvo 13 &18 speed trucks for training and road testing. We also offer training on an Automatic transmission equipped truck. ICBC fees are not included in our prices. The Class 3 program includes:

  • 16 Hours of Air Brake Theory
  • (Manual) 10 Hours of on-the-Road Driving & Observation
  • (Automatic) 8 Hours of on-the-road Driving & Observation
  •   4 Hours of Truck Theory (Shifting Fundamentals & Driving Skills)
  •  4 Hours of Pre-Trip Procedures (this includes the complete air brake system pre trip)
  •  3 Hours Use of Our Truck for your Road Test
  • Manual or Automatic
  • All Road Tests done from our Langley Yard

Manual Class 3 Course Fee: $1,695      (Payment Plan Available)

Automatic Class 3 coursee Fee: $1,495

Individual & Group Lessons

Individual lessons are available to those students not taking one of our full courses. Both Class 1 and Class 3 vehicles are available for lessons and testing. OTR DRIVING SCHOOL instructors are available to answer any questions for our students. Individual and group lessons include:

Individual Class 1 Driving Lessons $120.00 per Hour
Class 1 & 3 Not-in-Motion Single Student (Pre trip inspection etc) $60.00 per Hour
Group Class 1 & 3 Not-in-Motion (Maximum 4) $40.00 Each per Hour
Use of Truck & Trailer for Road Testing (Our Students Only) $350.00

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