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Mountain Training Course

Driving safely in the mountains is a skill that you learn through experience. The mountain training course from OTR DRIVING SCHOOL provides student's with confidence in their abilities to drive on mountain roads. We have a high success rate with students retaining the skills learned in this and other of our driving courses. The mountain training course takes an entire day. We stop for lunch but bringing some snacks and drinks is suggested.

Coquihalla Highway and the Fraser Canyon

The mountain driving course from OTR DRIVING SCHOOL includes a 10-hour drive up the Coquihalla Highway to Kamloops and back through the Fraser Canyon in one of our trucks. The night before our trip we have a 2 hour classroom session that presents the procedures we will use to accomplish the trip safely and efficiently. In order to keep the cost of this course reasonable and avoid fatigue, we do this trip with two students. Over the years, we have proven that our students learn just as much by observing another student receiving instruction. This way, the second student gets the benefit of the teaching while in a relaxed position.

During this trip, the skills necessary to safely and efficiently manage the downshifting techniques already learned are practiced and improved. Proper planning procedures to ascend and descend steep hills form a large part of this course. Considerations such as speed control, suitable gear selection and correct use of engine brakes are taught and practiced.

Course Fee: $1200 Each