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OTR DRIVING SCHOOL will help you in any way we can to secure employment. We have recently received several requests from the trucking industry to post driving opportunities for our graduates. We can not guarantee job placement at the end of your training, but, there appears to be a reasonably strong demand for Truck Drivers both local and long haul. Read the testimonials below to see what satisfied students had to say about our truck driving courses. We are always happy to have you come to our school and talk to our present students and get their oppinions ofour Instructors and training procedures.

We are an authorized ICBC Instructor Training facility.

"I attended OTR Driving School and took the Advanced Class 1 course. I found the experience to be very challenging, but very rewarding as well. Doug was an excellent instructor, both in the city setting and out on the highway. Within two weeks of finishing my road-test, I was training with a reputable B.C. trucking company to run a flat bed truck. Now a little more than 2 months after finishing at OTR, I'm driving a flat-bed B train truck hauling primarily lumber on the Highway 3 corridor in southern B.C. I believe that the base of skills in shifting, traffic, hill climbing and descent that I was taught at OTR Driving School have given me an excellent foundation to build a successful driving career on. I swear that sometimes I can still hear Doug saying "use all the room you need", thanks Doug. - Michael B.

"I learned to drive big trucks with Doug. He taught me a lot more than just enough to pass the road test. The road trip to Alberta allowed me to experience what driving in the mountains really means. The lessons in the city included the shifting techniques necessary to safely ascend and descend steep hills. I bought a truck and began my driving career a week after obtaining my Class 1 license." - Frank K.

"A former student of Over The Road Driving School recommended OTR to me. I was trying to learn by driving with a friend of mine (a very good driver), but we both knew I needed professional instruction. I took OTR's advanced course and obtained my Class 1 license. During the course, I was continually presented with actual situations I would encounter as a long haul driver. OTR also helped me find a truck and trailer and a job for it." - Tamas V.

"I came to OTR because they were a local driving school, (Langley). My husband (a truck driver) and I wanted to take my training by the hour instead of OTR's Advanced Class 1 course, and I was allowed to do so. I added the Road Trip to Alberta to my training and found it to be a very valuable experience. My experience of driving the hills on the Coquihalla after receiving OTR's shifting theory training gave me a tremendous feeling of confidence in my abilities. I never felt that my instructor was clock watching and always received more than my hours' worth of instruction. I now have a local Class 1 job that is providing me the opportunity to grow at my own pace." - Kathryn W.